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About EM Gruppen

Welcome to EM Gruppen; for your comprehensive web design and marketing company that makes your vision come through. At EM Gruppen, creativity, together with technology and strategy are used to provide our clients with brilliant web solutions and marketing solutions needed to enhance the performance of your business.

Who We Are
We are a web design and development company combined with digital marketing which consist of professionals and experts. Our purpose is to help companies and organizations to build websites that not only attract people’s attention and look great but also are easy to navigate and bring profits. For years now, we have been in the industry and we have acquired proficiency in all the aspects of digital phenomena, we ensure that we deliver quality services in all our undertakings.

What We Do
Web Design and Development
: We build unique websites which are not only beautiful in look but also easy to navigate and are compatible. Based on our research of both UX literature and web user experience, our designing philosophy revolves around the notion of user experience across various devices, and how easily one can interact with it.

Digital Marketing: Some of the core online sales and marketing solutions, which we offer are search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click (ppc) adverting. We provide sophisticated yet strategic ways on how to achieve better online marketing techniques to drive more traffic to your site and ultimately, get more clients.

Branding and Identity: Our firm assists companies create effective and long-lasting brands that consumers will never forget. Brand Identity consists of the company logo, the formation of the entire brand’s face, its personality, what it stands for to the people we have marked as our target market.

Our Approach
This lies with the fact that at EM Gruppen we are more of a team. Thus it is a pleasure for me to work with the clients and acknowledge their goals, difficulties, and visions. This cooperation guarantees that you will get the solutions that meet your business goals and needs to the letter. We are efficient in our procedures, and as such, engage and update you on the progress of the project right from the onset to the actualization and subsequent stages.

You are welcome to make EM Gruppen your trusted web company, like many other satified clients who have benefited from the company’s web services. Allow us to build a captivating digital experience that puts you a step ahead of others in the market.


Our Location


United Kingdom


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We trust our work


A good design

First and foremost, we think that, of course, it is very important to have a good appearance and a good design of a website to attract and to keep clients. Having a professional and dedicated team of designers and developers ensures that the websites we develop in simple to navigate and attractive to users. The design is also done, such that the website meets the current accessibility standards and guidelines – users are therefore not confronted with any difficulty as they try to get to different parts of the website. This, in turn, results in high levels of ‘findability’ on the internet and higher conversion ratios.


Be found

By hiring our SEO specialists, you get keen market researches of appropriate keywords to be utilized as well as the necessary SEO modification in your site. We also apply on page and off page SEO techniques to ensure that your website gains better placement on different SERPs thus increased visitors’ traffic and leads. Through SEO services, we ensure that we increase your website’s ranking, organic traffic, and high quality leads.


Social media growth

It involves creating and implementing comprehensive yet streamlined digital marketing plans that reflect your brand and objectives. The social media management services provided will keep your social media feeds lively, useful, and directing potential clients back to your. The emails that we utilize for promotion are created to build the interest of the potential customers and compel them to buy our products while our PPC Advertising services are perfect for the quick lead and sales generation.


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